Customize GNOME Main Menu Applet

GNOME is light and flexible desktop environment for GNU/Linux. I love it more than other desktop environtment. GNOME is more customizable, I can customize GNOME to looks like MacOS X, Windows Vista, or use free design like this:

On that screenshot, I use custom image for GNOME Main Menu applet. Here's the image that I use for the Main Menu:

The image above is my self-design using Inkscape, and you are freely distribute this image for any use. If you'd like to customize your Menu Bar, just store this image (or any other image that you'd like to use) on some directory (i.e. ~/.gnome2/panel-image/).

Using gconf-editor (install with sudo apt-get install gconf-editor and run gconf-editor at terminal), navigate to apps/panel/objects/object_X, where X is number of Menu Bar object at your desktop. Ok, here the sample:

At the screenshot above we can see that my Menu Bar applet is recognize as object_4. From this point, we find parameter custom_icon on the right panel of dialog, and set the value to location of where our custom image's located.

For my example, the value would be like this: "/home/igoens/.gnome2/panel-image/UGo.svg" (without quote). Then check (make it's value to true) the parameter use_custom_icon at same dialog for activate your custom image.

We can use SVG or PNG format for custom images.