LG Vortex VS660 Custom ROM

LG Vortex VS660 (Vortex) consider as CDMA version of LG Optimus One (O1) that bundled with Verizon Wireless. Vortex is not alone in LG’s CDMA line up, there are also Optimus S (Sprint) and Optimus M (Metro PCS).

You might guess that Vortex name could be Optimus V, but I like Vortex better :-). This LG’s line-up series has similar hardware and Android version.

Since I’m not subscribed to Verizon service, I didn’t get any update on my device. Not even to Android 2.2.1 version. Lucky for me, bloodxxsyndicate provide nandroid backup of his ROM based on Android 2.2.1 update. That was a good start until then I found Custom Rom "Breakneck" for LG Vortex for further.

Having both ROM (version 2.2.1) as start, I’m working on my own version of 2.2.1 ROM. I want a clean version (without resource modification) of Custom ROM that result would be nearly similar to factory default version except this are already deodexed and optimized. We can all start developing our own customized ROM based on this, and the best part of it, it’s available to everybody, not just Verizon customers. And here I present:

What did you get on this ROM:
  1. Latest Update (20110604)
  2. Clean ROM (Keeping APK’s Dependencies)
  3. ROM Base 2.2.1 (Rooted Already)
  4. Deodexed both for Application and Framework
  5. Optimized and zipaligned all APK’s
  6. JIT Enabled + Increase Heap Memory Size
  7. Remove All Bloatware
  8. Overclockable Kernel
  9. Bundled w/ Google Search & Maps
  10. More space on /data (Google Update is already bundled!)
How to Install:
  1. Your device has to be rooted first! If you’re came from stock 2.2 Android version, then you are lucky, just use z4root to do this.
  2. Because this are ZIP update packages, you must apply custom recovery menu to do ZIP flash update. I would recommend this link and please follow the instruction carefully. The custom recovery image for your Vortex is: recovery-RA-vortex-2.2.1-GNM.img
  3. I’m not writing about steps to apply above mod because it’s already well-documented on creator’s page. I also didn't include any of those requirements in this article on purpose to honor the creator’s request, not to hot-linked the download part in any means.
  4. If you already download the update package on above link, put downloaded ZIP package on the root of your SD Card and apply ZIP flash update from recovery menu.
  5. Enjoy the ROM!
I would like to thanked to all guys that provide me the ingredients to made this ROM, include great  tools they’re provide to help me with pack-repack, deodexing and optimizing process.

If you like my job, please consider to buy me a snack and coffee :-D If you give me a lot, I’ll share with those guys I’ve mention :-)